AiSolve and Cartoon Network Extend Partnership with Global Launch of We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush

After a successful debut in North America, AiSolve and Cartoon Network have announced that they are extending their partnership with the global launch of the network’s first location-based VR title, Food Truck Rush. The multiplayer, free roam game, is based on Daniel Chong’s award-winning series We Bare Bears and produced out of the Cartoon Network VR Lab.

Food Truck Rush VR, is an incredible, family focused, three player game that creatively challenges players on teamwork and decision-making skills when put under severe time pressure. The unique and fun-filled experience keeps kids and young adults fully entertained with its hilarious multiplayer gameplay where players can transform into Panda, Grizz and Ice Bear to operate and manage their very own food truck.

In this game, players use the compact 3×3 sqm free-roaming haptic-floor enabled WePlayVR arena to complete complex orders and avoid kitchen mishaps. The experience first launched at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington and was made available for WePlayVR fans of all ages to play over a three-month pilot.

Rich Yee, General Manager of Tukwila Family Fun Center has already reported that this family friendly VR experience is a hit with his guests and has contributed to an increase in player revenues. Mr. Yee comments “Food Truck Rush is getting rave reviews. They all love it.”

Devi Kolli, CEO and Co-Founder of AiSolve, is impressed with how aligned Food Truck Rush is to WePlayVR platform. “When Cartoon Network mentioned that the We Bare Bears experience would take place inside a food truck, we knew our platform would be a perfect choice for the content. When the food truck takes off on the adventure, our haptic floor responds to the driving, rumbling and creates a sensation of movement. This deepens the level of immersion and convinces them they’re really being driven around in a food truck.”

Food Truck Rush is now available in the WePlayVR games library, CLICK HERE to see the game trailer.

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