Get to know us:

At AiSolve, we thrive on delivering fun-to-use and easy-to-operate technology that has purpose. Our entertainment products are uniquely designed for location-based VR so individuals and groups can have an immersive experience they can’t get at home. Our enterprise products are developed for non-tech people to pick up and start working with right away.

We are pioneers who’ve spent ten years introducing VR and MR to industry and enterprise. Defining years of research and disruption by our cross-fertilised team of experts, engineers and business executives, shaped by actual commercial developments, which has culminated in real world applications of once obscure technology. Now, we curate our own AI embedded VR and MR development platform designed to support enterprise and developer needs. Through these years of development, we created a user-friendly platform and used it to create and ship our own applications and products across entertainment, enterprise and education, including WePlayVR and VRSims.

Experience, patience, commitment and tenacity is hard-coded into our DNA and woven throughout the work we do. These are our most important programming features, giving AiSolve unique empathy to the needs and requirements of organisations and businesses embarking on the immersive technology journey.

Yes, our technology is AI-powered, highly scalable and driven by ambitious business and partnership models by a relentless team of over-achieving thinkers, but at AiSolve we always consider how real people will use our platforms and technologies and keep humans at the centre of our designs.