We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our second VR arcade game title, ‘Alien Invasion’.

Made exclusively for WePlayVR, our location-based single-player VR arcade arena, ‘Alien Invasion’ is an action adventure puzzle game set inside a nuclear reactor that’s under attack.  Players walk freely inside the WePlayVR arena and play through the experience with the help of a VR headset, hand controllers and a backpack. Fully immersed, players must solve various interactive puzzles and search for an escape from the reactor while being pursued by space creatures.

Thrilling and fun, ‘Alien Invasion’ was a huge hit at this November’s International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando. Lines queued for the full four days of IAAPA and the reaction to ‘Alien Invasion’ was uniformly enthusiastic. Family entertainment centre owners/operators and leisure attraction developers were especially responsive to the level of interactivity in the games and WePlayVR’s modular design, which maximizes every inch of it’s 10’x10’ footprint.

‘Alien Invasion’ is now shipping to WePlayVR arenas through AiSolve’s exclusive content library. The official game trailer for ‘Alien Invasion’ is available – CLICK HERE to see it.

In 2017 AiSolve’s WePlayVR VR arcade has already gone live in thirteen global locations, which is just the start for us. In Q1 of 2018, we’ll be launching WePlayVR at significantly more locations across North America, Europe and the middle east with owners and operators in the family entertainment center and leisure destination markets. Stay tuned for announcements on that!

We continue to work with our fantastic WePlayVR distribution partners at Bandai Namco and Amusement Services International, as we continue to expand our VR arcade product globally.