AiSolve Partners with Cartoon Network to Launch New WePlayVR Experience

Today we’re thrilled to announce that AiSolve has launched a new location-based virtual reality multi-player experience, We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush for our WePlayVR arena. This first-of-its kind experience is produced by a world class team at Cartoon Network and developed by Philadelphia-based game studio PHL Collective, with integration support from our team here at AiSolve.

Food Truck Rush is Cartoon Network’s first location-based VR experience and marks the first third party IP game for AiSolve. In it, players are directly immersed in the We Bare Bears world, operating and managing their very own food truck. The goal is to cook up food and serve as many customers as possible before the clock runs out. Players team up and work together inside the WePlayVR arena to complete orders and avoid any kitchen disasters.

AiSolve’s President of North America, Shauna Heller, worked with Cartoon Network to bring the popular IP to AiSolve’s location based virtual reality platform. “My relationship with Cartoon Network goes back several years and I’ve been a big fan of their VR apps like Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games. It’s a pleasure to now support their talented studio producers and developers as they bring another incredible IP, We Bare Bears, into the VR medium through our WePlayVR arena.”

We Bare Bears, created by Daniel Chong for the Cartoon Network, is a depiction of three bear brothers going through a journey together tackling modern society and trying to find their place in civilisation. The family includes three main characters: Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, each with their own personalities, interests and talents. Although not brothers by birth, the three bears found their way to each other as cubs and have been inseparable ever since.

Food Truck Rush launched exclusively at the Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington and will be available for fans of all ages to play over the next three months.

Rich Yee of Family Fun Center has already reported that the VR experience is a hit with his guests. “Food Truck Rush is getting rave reviews. They all love it.”

Food Truck Rush is a 2-3 player experience that allows players to interact and engage with friends and family as We Bare Bears characters. It’s fun and highly immersive experience targeted at a broad demographic from youths and teens to parents and adults.

Devi Kolli, our CEO and co-founder of AiSolve, is impressed with how aligned Food Truck Rush is to our platform. “When Cartoon Network shared that the We Bare Bears experience would take place inside a food truck, we knew WePlayVR would be a perfect location-based VR platform for the content because of our haptic floor. When the food truck takes off on the adventure, our haptic floor responds to the driving, rumbling and creating a sensation of movement. This deepens the level of immersion and fun for the players and convinces them they’re really being driven around in a food truck.”

Guests outside the arena can watch the popular bears come to life through WePlay’s spectator portal before they get in and play as their favourite character themselves.

As in all WePlayVR experiences, We Bare Bear players walk freely inside WePlayVR’s 3x3m arena wearing an MSI VR One backpack paired with a VR headset. Using two controllers, each player can pick up objects, pour drinks and even use a virtual tablet to accept orders while embodying a bear character.

Our thanks here at AiSolve go out to the outstanding executives, producers and developers at Cartoon Network and PHL Collective who created such a delightful location-based VR experience for WePlayVR. Working with you all has been wonderful. We’ve had a great time and can’t wait to see how players fall even more in love with Food Truck Rush and WePlayVR.

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