Shape the future of immersive interaction with help from AiSolve’s development platform, GAIA (Global Artificial Intelligent Application).

GAIA is an AI-embedded platform designed for enterprises and developers to help meet a growing global demand for VR and MR content. There is a need for industry specific development tools and intuitive methodologies to create high quality VR and MR applications in a rapid, affordable way. GAIA can help with that.

GAIA-powered applications are quick and easy to build. They’re simple to scale with plenty of supporting functionality for end clients to perform their own maintenance and upgrades without having to invest in expensive additional external development and support.

The range of benefits to the platform made it easy for us to launch our own products including WePlayVR and VRSims.

GAIA Starter

Ideal to help kick start your development using our in-house experts to cater to your project specific needs and build a custom package.


Designed to allow both simple and complex applications to be created by other programmers.

GAIA Creator

A toolkit designed to develop and update content and applications in an easy drag and drop visual programming.