Partners and Clients


VR in healthcare is already a cutting-edge landscape and in medicine, lives are constantly on the line and medical professionals need to be thoroughly prepared. In a meaningful partnership with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles AiSolve designed and developed intelligent VR simulation training modules that mimic the pressures and stresses found in a paediatric hospital when a child is experiencing a seizure or is going into shock.



Using our AI-embedded system, manufacturing professionals, skilled workers and corporate enterprises can train and perfect their skills in a real-life, no risk environment with our customisable and convenient training platform. VRSims offers a cost-effective resource for our customers to practice their skills and save time long-term.



Virtual and Mixed reality are paving the way for training in education. Using AI-embedded software, students across the world can receive tailor-made learning and customised training tools in a cost-effective manner. Teachers are able to provide a strong foundation for learning available through a more interactive and engaging environment where students can develop their knowledge and skills in a vast area of subjects. The future of education is now.