Virtual and Mixed Reality are paving the way for training in education. Using AI-embedded software, students across the world can receive tailor-made learning and customised training tools in a cost-effective manner. Teachers are able to provide a strong foundation for learning available through a more interactive and engaging environment where students can develop their knowledge and skills in a vast range of subjects. The future of education is now.

Unique learning, tailor made

We develop custom immersive learning applications that pair your subject matter expertise with our AI-powered VR platform and learning management system.

Here at AiSolve, we believe immersive technology has the power to fundamentally change and democratise the way people learn. Though we are at the beginning of this disruptive shift in education, we’ve been working in the field of artificial intelligence, serious games and digital learning for nearly a decade and have developed tools to help accelerate and personalise learning.

With our proprietary AI engine, GAIA, we’re able to tailor applications to individual rhythms by tracking student performance during the learning process and translating their progress into actionable next steps. By meeting students at where and how they learn, we’re empowering students to learn at their best and prepare them for productive, successful futures.

What our education training provides:
  • Curriculum opportunities
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Coding
  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Math
  • Art and design-based modules
  • Skills and vocational curriculum
  • Blended learning