We’re excited to announce you can now own WePlayVR from as little as £820 per month. Straightforward finance is available with our approved lenders (Claratus & Genesis Capital) today.

After many years of experimenting here at AiSolve, our teams have mastered the art of blending wow and technology together to get unforgettable experiences. Our most recent product to embody this is WePlayVR, our location-based VR attraction for theme parks, family entertainment centres, shopping malls and museums.

We don’t believe wow has to be expensive though. Especially if that wow is a 3mX3m VR arena with interactive games, a haptic floor and a leaderboard system that users the world over are finding irresistible. So, to make sure WePlayVR is available to owners and operators, we’ve priced it in a range tailormade for you.

So, no need to dig deep to purchase WePlayVR. Our great prices paired with an exceptional user experience makes WePlayVR the only solution you need.


Designed as a completely out-of-home experience, WePlayVR transports users to new dimensions filled with mystical creatures and interactive worlds. Users engage in adventures that thrill and delight inside VR heardsets while the WePlayVR arena is powered by cutting-edge technology and AiSolve’s famous technical support.

Available in single-player and soon multi-player versions in our new 4x4m arena, players will be able to compete against each other and share the experience of a lifetime.


These are the key benefits you’ll see with AiSolve’s location-based VR attraction:

  • Award-winning games: WePlayVR boasts an award-winning range of titles accessible directly from the WePlayVR catalogue. You can see the game trailers HERE
  • Frequent releases: With WePlayVR, AiSolve is scheduled to release a new game title every four months. With our new games subscription package, you can stay up-to-date with all of our latest games as soon as they are released.
  • Wide demographics: Forget first-person shooters. WePlayVR offers so much more. Our adventure-based puzzle games cater to all ages and cultures with family-friendly experiences for ages of 7-70.
  • Sophisticated show control system: No complex training is required with our simple, easy-to-use control panel, which can be operated by members of staff easily after just an hour of training.
  • Physical props: We offer physical props which can be attached inside the arena for additional interaction with virtual gameplay. This brings the experience from the VR world into the real world.
  • Rapid ROI: With a fast growing global presence, WePlayVR is already a huge hit with audiences across four continents, boasting payback in less than a year.