Alien Invasion

Players must defend a nuclear reactor under attack from otherworldly creatures on a mission to destroy the human species and conquer the entire planet. In this sci-fi adventure, players become warriors and complete puzzles inside a reactor that’s been turned into a battlefield about to meltdown.

Mayan Adventure

Designed for all ages, players are transported inside a mysterious Mayan ruin and taken on an adventure in search of a lost golden statue guarded by a serpent god. Confronted with challenges as they wind their way through the ruin, players advance through unexpected twists and turns hidden along their path.

Clock Tower

The gears of time turn in their own direction. Discover where you’ll be when they turn for you. Inside an idle and forgotten clock tower there are riches and mysteries waiting to be found. By being the first to break through it’s complex fortress you’re one step closer to uncovering the truth about this puzzling realm.

Star Defence

Against a corrupt AI, players must battle together in a quest to destroy drones taking over the galaxy. In this sci-fi adventure, players become heroes in an epic fight for glory. Defend the universe in this ultimate space showdown.

Rodent Rage

Distraught rodents have taken over an empty park once inhabited by humans. Their mission? To race. Choose from a selection of rodents in a wacky, fun, exciting multiplayer seated adventure and be the rodent racing champion of the park.

We Bare Bear: Food Truck Rush

Food Truck Rush is Cartoon Network’s first location-based VR experience and marks the first third-party IP game for AiSolve. In it, players are directly immersed in the We Bare Bears world, operating and managing their very own food truck. The goal is to cook up food and serve as many customers as possible before the clock runs out. Players team up and work together inside the WePlayVR arena to complete orders and avoid any kitchen disasters.