WePlayVR: It's time to change the game

Here at AiSolve we’ve been developing ground-breaking, immersive attractions for theme parks, family entertainment centres, shopping malls and museums since 2013 and WePlayVR is our incredible location-based modular gaming concept. Designed for maximum impact from a small footprint, WePlayVR will dazzle your customers and with constant game updates will keep them coming back for more.

Created for single and multiplayer attractions, WePlayVR is a highly interactive gaming area that is compatible in any environment and includes props, motion seats and a haptic floor that makes the experience highly realistic.

Take your friends and family on an exciting adventure and experience new realities together by stepping into our high-end virtual reality gaming arena, WePlayVR.


A complete out-of-home experience, our WePlayVR 3×3 single player gaming arena has been upgraded and can now host up to two players inside at a time and has a leaderboard included. In addition, two motion seats can be added onto each side of the exterior, bringing the total up to 6 players. 

WePlayVR Motion

A completely new addition to WePlayVR, the motion seat offers a new experience for players that takes them out of the arena and is designed to offer the same excitement whilst seated. To coincide with this new initiative, AiSolve welcome its latest multiplayer seated VR racing game, Rodent Rage.