Experience the same excitement with added features

A completely new addition to WePlayVR product line, our WePlayVR Motion seats offers a new player experience that takes them out of the arena. Designed to offer the same excitement in a seated position, WePlayVR Motion will thrill players in a brand new way.

To coincide with the new WePlayVR Motion seats, AiSolve is proud to present our latest game designed specifically for the it: Rodent Rage. A multiplayer seated VR racing game, Rodent Rage utilises the same motion feedback technology found in our arenas to provide a deeply immersive competitive seated experience. The seat provides haptic feedback to the players through every twist and turn the player takes in real time. Our WePlayVR Motion installations support anything from 1 to 4 players as a standalone and 1-7 players when used in conjunction with the WePlayVR arena, allowing players to race against their friends or the game itself whilst players inside the arena play a completely different game. With our integrated leaderboard, players can compare scores locally or across the globe.

Take gaming to a whole new level with our new integrated motion seats

What’s in the box [2 player system]:

2 x WePlayVR MOTION Ride multifunction 3 DoF motion platforms configured for racing content

2 x Force Feed Back high precision brush less servo motor steering wheels complete with precision pedals

2 x large format display screens with additional audio output

2 x Vive Pro headsets

1 x Game control server unit with control software

2 x High power gaming server units with one game title




Platform basics:

3-DoF movement: Heave (move up/down), Pitch (tilt forward/backward), Roll (tilt side/side)

Max Heave = 200mm (+/-100mm)

Max tilt in any direction = ±18deg


Platform tech spec jargon:

No plain bearing joints in mechanism, all joints use ball bearings.

Closed loop motor control system.

Max speed = Adjustable from 300mm/s to 566mm/s, subject to load.

Max force = Adjustable from 5421N (553Kgf) to 3237N (330Kgf), subject to speed.

Maximum user weight = 200kg.

WePlayVR Motion Ride product shot