Experience in Multiplayer:

Welcoming the latest addition to AiSolve’s location-based VR product line. Our new multi-player platform includes an upgraded 4×4 gaming arena, creating high throughput for its size. The new arena hosts up to eight players at any given time.

This intelligent gaming portal offers four motion seats and the ability to have four people playing inside and outside the arena. A bonus feature includes a new leaderboard which gives players the chance to track their achievements and monitor opponents, building fun competition between players.

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More players, enhanced arena, new leaderboard. With our new platform, players can experience the words we create together.

Each arena includes:

  • 1 x Game area with built-in haptic floor
  • 1 x Edge lighting with colour changing options
  • 1 x Display canopy and screen with live streaming
  • 1 x Secured cabinet for storage
  • 4 x Backpack PC’s with 16 spare batteries
  • 4 x HTC Vive Headsets with wipeable covers
  • 1 x 32″ Display screen: other associated cables and connectors
  • 8 x Hand controllers
  • 4 x Headphones
  • 1 x Control server
  • 1 x 15″ Integrated touch screen for operating show control system