Experience in Multiplayer:

A complete out-of-home experience, our WePlayVR 3×3 single player gaming arena has been upgraded and can now host up to three players at a time and has a leaderboard included. In addition, two pairs of motion seats can be added on the exterior, bringing the total up to 7 players. All of our game titles are compatible with both versions of the platform and provides venues with more interactive options to enjoy.

Experience a new dimension

Take your interactive gaming to a new dimension with our modular design and motion seats and leaderboard.


  • Minimum space: 3.6m x 3.7m x 2.85m
  • Detachable vinyl prints: exterior theming
  • Modular walls: adjusted for gameplay
  • Perspex windows: Ensure visibility and safety
  • Built-in motion tiles: vibrate independently
  • Software updates: maintenance requires a wired internet
  • Arrives with: Simple and sophisticated show control software
  • Frequent releases: new game titles can be purchased or renewed annually
  • Ships with: one x 4.5-minute interactive game – Mayan Adventure
  • Custom games: can be released upon request at additional cost

Each arena includes:

  • 1 x Game area with built-in haptic floor
  • 1 x Edge lighting with colour changing options
  • 1 x Secured cabinet for storage
  • 2 x Backpack PC’s with 8 batteries
  • 2 x HTC Vive Headsets with wipeable covers
  • 1 x 42″ Display screen with live streaming: other associated cables and connectors
  • 4 x Hand controllers
  • 2 x Headphones
  • 1 x Control server
  • 1 x 22″ Integrated touch screen for operating show control system