AiSolve closes 2017 with distinction and kicks off 2018 with fresh awards

AiSolve closes 2017 with distinction and kicks off 2018 with fresh awards

February 7, 2018

2017 was filled with growth and excitement as AiSolve began shipping its first location-based entertainment VR attraction, WePlayVR, and saw our immersive training and simulation platform, VRSims, step onto the stage internationally.

In December 2017 AiSolve received meaningful recognition for our VRSims platform with a Learning Technologies Award for the most innovative new learning technologies product – International. VRSims was used in the widely recognised Children’s Hospital Los Angeles paediatric medical VR simulation training pilot. Developed with great partners including Oculus, Facebook, BioFlight and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the project utilised our core AI framework, GAIA that we have refined over the years and wrapped into a training and simulation platform we call VRSims. The Learning Technologies Award is significant to us because it validates our belief that VR training and simulation is a disruptor in medicine and other enterprise applications and we’re excited to have our tech setting an example for the digital health and training and simulation community.

For WePlayVR, after six countries, nine months and countless hours, we’re pleased to be in an excellent position going into 2018. Our distribution partnerships with Bandai Namco and ASI (Amusement Services International) have poised us for steady expansion across Europe, North America and the Middle East and we can’t wait to see thousands and thousands more users experience WePlayVR’s custom adventure puzzle games.

It was our pleasure to start out this January with an excellent showing at VR Fest, which takes place parallel to CES in Las Vegas. Over the course of four days, we put executives, entertainment IP holders and a variety of brands through our location-based VR attraction. Exhausting but thrilling, we hosted casinos, resorts, leisure destination developers, movie producers and what felt like most of the tech industry! There’s nothing like CES to bring everyone together and it was wonderful to have VR Fest host us at their exclusive location-based VR attraction expo.

Whilst exhibiting at VR Fest we learned that WePlayVR had been selected to receive the “Best Use of VR Technology” award. We’re incredibly passionate about WePlayVR and were delighted to be recognised for the hours and hours of development and integration we put into the physical hardware and software that comprises WePlayVR.
We received an additional commendation for the CHLA paediatric medical VR simulation training pilot while at VR Fest – “Best Education VR Experience,” an honour we share with all our partners on the project.

One of our favourite demos at VR Fest was for Ben Lang of Road to VR. We shared ‘Mayan Adventure’ and ‘Alien Invasion’ with Ben, plus gave him a sneak peek at our very unfinished but very awesome game three, ‘Clock Tower.’ Ben is the most trusted journalist covering the VR ecosystem and we were so pleased when he wrote a detailed piece about WePlayVR. CLICK HERE if you didn’t catch it when it was on the front page.

We had another press visitor with whom we shared WePlayVR at VR Fest. Extremely distinguished in his own right, Charlie Fink stopped by for a demo. A journalist with Forbes and a published author, Charlie tried all three experiences as well. It was an honour for us to host him as he had included WePlayVR in his new book Charlie Fink’s Metaverse, a new anthology on VR and AR that everyone in the industry is grabbing from Amazon.


Rounding out January, AiSolve had lots of fun on-site with Bandai Namco at EAG International, Excel London. A show focused exclusively on the amusement and attractions sectors, we spent three days demoing non-stop for owners and operators who are keen to take VR into their arcade and leisure park venues.

Throughout 2018 we’ll be focused more on development and deployment than awards and merits, but we do appreciate and respect that our hard work and commitment to using VR for social impact and entertainment has received wide acknowledgment.

Though we’ve been developing VR applications since 2011, we feel that we’re just getting started and this will be a tremendous year for VR and AiSolve. We wish the same for you.

AiSolve team


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