AiSolve launches new virtual reality games module at DEAL 2017

AiSolve launches new virtual reality games module at DEAL 2017

March 28, 2017

27 March 2017 – AiSolve will be launching the latest version of its virtual reality, out-of-home gaming module, WePlayVR, at DEAL 2017 in Dubai today.

WePlayVR is a product line of location-based VR attractions for entertainment centres, shopping malls, retail destinations, museums and science centres. After extensive research and development, AiSolve has designed a modular, plug and play system that also allows WePlayVR systems to expand from single to multi-player.  Additional features include; custom interactive VR games, intelligent motion platform technology and proprietary analytics software.

This year, AiSolve will be showcasing the single-player “Mayan Temple” game at DEAL. Visitors to the ASI stand at Booth H3 C85 will have the opportunity to try out the latest gaming experience for themselves.

Players move around a physical maze, guided by the VR imagery relayed via a VR headset. This leads them on a quest, walking around a branded 3m x 3m platform while immersed in the game and travelling through a fantasy world.

The game presented at DEAL – Mayan Temple – sees players search for the Lost Statue of the Golden Monkey, which is hidden within the walls of a Mayan temple, guarded by the Serpent God and protected so only those who know the secrets can reach it. Players walk around a physical gaming space while they enter and travel through virtual tunnels, descending deeper into the depths of the ancient temple as they search for the prize that others have failed to reach.

WePlayVR has been designed for entertainment and retail environments as a VR attraction that can be easily built and accommodated within small or large spaces to provide unique and immersive experiences for customers.

About AiSolve
AiSolve is a technology provider and creative production house specialising in the design and development of intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. We are market leaders, harnessing the latest technologies and combining them with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive and intelligent out-of-home gaming attractions.

Gearing up to technologies beyond 2020, we strongly believe that the convergence of Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way people live, work and socialise. At AiSolve, we are not only exploring and inventing these latest technologies but are focused on introducing meaningful mainstream applications leveraging these technologies.

We have worked in collaboration with top brands and world leaders to pilot and launch applications ranging from VR-shopping (V-commerce), to VR films and games and VR training.

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