AiSolve launches WePlayVR, an immersive VR attraction for location-based entertainment

AiSolve launches WePlayVR, an immersive VR attraction for location-based entertainment

May 30, 2017

AiSolve debuts latest version of new, location-based VR Attraction, WePlayVR Future lies in experiential out-of-home VR more than console and PC gaming VR’s appeal goes beyond traditional gamers to demographics of all ages

LONDON, 25 MAY 2017

AiSolve has officially launched the latest single-player version of its out-of-home virtual reality gaming attraction, WePlayVR.

WePlayVR is AiSolve’s location-based, experiential VR attraction for entertainment centres, shopping malls, retail destinations, museums and science centres.

In the modular game installation, players roam through a physical maze while wearing a VR headmounted display, guided by interactive VR content displayed through a backpack-powered HTC Vive headset. The modular design and custom content allows players to safely go on an epic quest within a completely enclosed, themed 3m x 3m platform while fully immersed in a virtual world.

The first title on the WePlayVR platform is Mayan Adventure, a game exclusively developed by AiSolve to showcase the unique features of the modular system. In this first release, players search for a lost golden monkey statue hidden within a mysterious Mayan ruin. Guarded by a serpent god, only the bravest players can discover the statue’s secrets, which are buried deep within the game’s passageways. After donning the Vive headset, players descend into virtual tunnels, travelling further into an action adventure, virtual reality game designed for players of all ages.

AiSolve developed the concept after extensive work with representatives from international malls, retail real estate spaces, family entertainment centres and theme parks, who were interested in a VR product that offered an exciting experience but could meet some challenging demands. These included finding value for every square centimetre of space; providing seasonally-refreshed content; plug and play convenience; simple assembly and disassembly; low and predictable operation and maintenance costs; and the use of sustainable and commercially scalable software and hardware.

The result is WeplayVR, a true out-of-home VR experience that is designed to be a modular, plug and play system that allows WePlayVR systems to expand from single- to multi-player. Additional features include custom interactive VR games, a range of special effects such as wind, mist, heat and intelligent motion platform technology, all used to create a subtle but compelling 4D experience.

WePlayVR is powered by AiSolve’s proprietary AI framework and analytics software, which captures user data to optimise the experience and track user interaction.

CEO Devi Kolli said: “What’s unique about the WeplayVR single-player product is the ROI and value experience it generates over a small occupancy of three-by-three square metres. Its clever modular design, with built-in motion floor, offers a comfortable and exciting experience that we’re very proud to offer to the market. Most of the visitors and non-gamers who try Mayan Adventure come back for a second experience and can’t seem to get enough of the thrill it offers. As seasoned virtual reality developers, we can’t ask for a better response to our attraction.”

Following the launch, WeplayVR is now scheduled to go live immediately in five locations with Bandai Namco across the UK, Dubai and the US. More locations are currently being finalised.

UK-based VR specialist AiSolve has partnered with leading arcade brands such as Bandai Namco and the largest Middle East distributor of attractions, ASI (Amusement Services International), and plans to roll out their unique out-of-home WePlayVR attraction to the global market.

Quarterly WePlayVR game releases are in AiSolve’s pipeline and the creative team is already designing game-play focused on thrill-seeking adventures, exotic explorations and experiential education VR games.

Tested and proven over thousands of unique plays over the last six months, WePlayVR is designed as a turnkey, sustainable location based VR gaming system for retail, leisure and entertainment spaces.

About AiSolve

AiSolve is a software and technology developer and creative production house specialising in designing and developing intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. They are market leaders who harness emerging technologies and combine them with powerful proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive and intelligent out-of-home gaming attractions.

Gearing up for technologies beyond 2020, AiSolve strongly believes that the convergence of virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) will transform the way people live, work and connect. AiSolve is not only exploring and inventing the latest technologies but is focused on introducing meaningful applications of technologies into the mainstream.

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