AiSolve opens new US headquarters in Burbank

AiSolve opens new US headquarters in Burbank

February 27, 2018

The new AiSolve US headquarters is in the heart of the animation and media corridor and is strategically located close to entertainment giants Warner Brothers, Universal and Disney among others.

The studio headquarters will act as a demonstration and sales office for the company’s two virtual reality products:  WePlayVR, a VR arcade gaming platform, and VRSims, its simulation training platform. The Los Angeles area location is a convenient bridge between Europe and Asia and will serve as a hub for AiSolve’s global clients and partners from entertainment, enterprise and tech. 

In recent months, AiSolve has showcased WePlayVR at four events on two continents; alongside partner and international gaming brand Bandai Namco at IAPPA in Orlando and at EAG in London and solo at VR Fest in Las Vegas and CES On The Lot at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA. Separately, the company’s ground-breaking training project for doctors and medical staff was recognised at VR Fest and won Best VR Educational Project for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Paediatric VR Training Simulation. In the UK, AiSolve also received the Learning Technologies Award for most innovative new learning technologies for VRSims. 

In Burbank, the new AiSolve office finds itself in the midst of entertainment and animation history, building on the legacy of the entertainment industry. 

AiSolve president North America, Shauna Heller, said: “In my mind Burbank is the ideal location as we expand our operations because it’s where the art of immersive entertainment was born. The legacy of Walt Disney and countless other creative storytellers thrives here. AiSolve loves being able to add our brand of hyper-immersive VR entertainment to the mix.”   

Heller added: “We also desperately needed more room to showcase our fantastic VR gaming products for entertainment and tech clients and with a number of WePlayVR installations going live in the US, it’s important for our clients and partners to find us close by.” 

About AiSolve
UK-based VR specialist AiSolve is a software and technology developer and creative production house specialising in the design and development of intelligent and responsive digital media installations for retail and leisure destinations. AiSolve harnesses emerging technologies and combines them with powerful proprietary AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver unique, interactive, immersive and intelligent out-of-home gaming attractions amongst other VR products. 

AiSolve has partnered with leading arcade and gaming brands such as Bandai Namco and the largest Middle East distributor of attractions, ASI (Amusement Services International), to distribute WePlayVR arenas globally. WePlayVR is designed as a turnkey, sustainable, location-based VR gaming system for retail, leisure and entertainment spaces. Quarterly game releases are scheduled and the WePlayVR immersive gaming content catalogue will grow to offer VR experiences for a wide demographic.  


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