AiSolve – We’re changing the game at DEAL 2018

AiSolve – We’re changing the game at DEAL 2018

April 6, 2018

By Devi Kolli, CEO, AiSolve

Preparing to travel to Dubai for DEAL 2018, I am struggling to think of a more exciting time for AiSolve and WePlayVR, because we will be launching three huge initiatives simultaneously at the show.

Not only are we taking our massively successful WePlayVR single player game and making it multi-player, with all new features, but we are announcing a new, larger 4x4m multiplayer gaming arena and debuting our latest and greatest game, Clock Tower.

Why are we doing it? It’s all about taking the amazing platform we have and creating an even more compelling ROI for malls, family entertainment centres and leisure destinations. Now you can enjoy all the great features of WePlayVR but allow more players to join in, with more competitive game play and a slick new design.

Having installed our arenas at attractions globally, we spoke to our clients around the world, who have already enjoyed huge success with our original WePlayVR 3x3m unit and our opening two games, Mayan Adventure and Alien Invasion. But as a single-player game, there will, of course, always be limitations as to how many players can pass through every hour.

With something that has been as big a hit as WePlayVR, that can sometimes be frustrating for both the operator and the players.

But not anymore.

The launch of WePlayVR 4x4m multiplayer means it creates a platform with the most powerful punch for its size that you will find anywhere. The new arena will be able to host up to 8 players, with 4 people playing inside the arena and 4 motion seats around the perimeter.

A bonus feature includes a new leader board, giving players the chance to keep a track of how well they are doing as well as their opponents, building healthy competition and more excitement between the players.

So WePlayVR can handle more people, with a more compelling offer and more immersive gaming!

But that’s not all. The 3x3m single player platform can now host up to 2 players at a time with two motion seats allowing 4 players in total, plus an added leader board. Our second game title, Alien Invasion, is compatible with both versions of the new gaming arena, as is Clock Tower.

The well-proven portal still stays true to its gaming experience. Running real-time game footage provides a thrilling teaser for those watching but leaves important dramatic moments a secret by cutting away to a blank screen, so as not to give away any answers for the next players. A great way to build excitement and engage a wider audience, this is commercially strategic for potential advertising and partnership opportunities.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come and visit us at DEAL 2018 and be among the first to try out our new arenas and new games.

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