AiSolve’s VRSims Nominated for Best Use of VR in Healthcare at VR Awards 2017

AiSolve’s VRSims Nominated for Best Use of VR in Healthcare at VR Awards 2017

August 11, 2017

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been nominated for Best Use of VR in Healthcare at the 2017 VR Awards. With over 450 global nominations, it’s an honor to be shortlisted for recognition on a project so important to us here at AiSolve. Nominees were selected for innovating healthcare concepts through the use of VR and incorporating both training and educational elements within healthcare.

VRSims is AiSolve’s proprietary virtual simulation platform that is used to create immersive and interactive content for medical, education and enterprise training and simulation. With VR already changing the med tech landscape by offering health care practitioners new pathways for training and simulation, it’s exciting to showcase our eight years of experience and leadership in this space.
For the VRSims project we collaborated with doctors from Children Hospital Los Angeles and medical visual effects experts from Bioflight. Together, with the support of our other partners Facebook and Oculus, AiSolve created artificial intelligence-driven VR training simulations that recreate an emergency room where med students, residents and doctors can train for the real stresses of a real child trauma within a virtual trauma room environment.

The project specifically focused on child seizures and anaphylactic shock and presents the actual conditions medical trainees face, where time to make the right decision is scarce and making the right call that saves a life comes down to mere seconds. As part of the “VR For Good” program at Oculus, the project was supported by tech giant Facebook and utilized the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers for the project.

Our CEO Devi Kolli was hands-on throughout the development process and has extensive experience in this type of medical application of VR. “The aim of this CHLA program is to prepare medial staff by creating the most realistic hospital environment possible so that they experience the fast-moving, life-and-death, decision-making process over and over. By repeatedly playing through these modules, users create cognitive strategies to make fast and accurate decisions when children’s lives are in the balance in real life. Facebook, Oculus and Bioflight and we feel that our work has resulted in the creation of one of the most realistic and immersive educational tools for emergency responders that’s ever been developed. We’re looking forward to partnering with more hospitals and health care providers to build out a robust library of VR training content using VRSims.”

The VR Awards celebrates outstanding achievements in the virtual reality industry. With some of the biggest names in VR sponsoring the event including AMD and HP, the evening is set to be a night of celebration, commemorating the VR community’s year of development, progress and success.

We’ll be getting our formal wear out and ready for an unforgettable night and we can’t wait to see you all there.
Wishing all the nominees the best of luck,

The team at AiSolve

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