Amazon, Whole Foods and retail’s new reality

Amazon, Whole Foods and retail’s new reality

June 27, 2017

The acquisition of US specialist grocery store chain Whole Foods by Amazon is surely the strongest example yet of technology-driven retail driving physical, traditional retailing. It’s a purchase that has far-reaching implications way beyond the premium grocery sector and with very real ramifications for European retail grocery.

As a technology pioneer we have long-believed that the future is in the carefully considered convergence of technology and physical, the virtual and the locational. We call it mixed reality and from experience to dynamic pricing, entertainment to seamless payment, Amazon’s bold act suggests that the future is arriving fast.

Our belief is that the key is to bring something to visitors and shoppers that they cannot achieve at home. That’s why our virtual reality gaming is far beyond in-home play and why we fervently believe that any use of technology must be relevant, content-driven and of the highest quality.

The best technology is also delivered by those with a real passion and desire to implement a step-change in the way things are done and clearly this is what defines Amazon.

Whatever the intentions behind Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, it is a game-changer for the retail industry and Amazon will drive change. We can’t wait.

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