Central Bedfordshire College and AiSolve launch Immersive Technology Institute

Central Bedfordshire College and AiSolve launch Immersive Technology Institute

October 2, 2017

Virtual reality specialist AiSolve and Central Bedfordshire College are launching the UK’s first dedicated immersive skills training programme and facility, the Immersive Training Institute, in Luton.

A launch event, co-hosted by AiSolve and CBC, will be held on October 4th at Central Bedfordshire College’s newly built, state-of-the-art Leighton Buzzard Engineering and Technology Centre.

The Immersive Training Institute (ITI) will house a selection of virtual and mixed reality hardware, such as head-mounted displays and mixed reality headsets, plus education training software and content, which together will be used to deliver an immersive, interactive curriculum.

ITI will launch its first pilot in November 2017, as partnerships with some of the leading virtual reality hardware manufacturers are announced.

AiSolve is a Luton-based immersive software development firm that specialises is artificial intelligence powered virtual and mixed reality applications and content. The company works across disciplines such as retail, leisure, education and healthcare globally and has partnered with Central Bedfordshire College (CBC), a leading regional college focused on equipping students with knowledge and skills that transfer immediately to the domestic and international workforce.

Devi Kolli, CEO of AiSolve, will head the initiative on behalf of her company.

“Virtual and mixed reality have finally reached a level of sophistication from both a hardware and software perspective. This translates to an ability to use these immersive mediums to help educate and train students who will become the workforce of tomorrow,” she said.

Ali Hadawi CBE, Principal and Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire College, will lead the College programme and he advises “All around England, we’re facing a skills gap that widens each year.  Employees are under-prepared for what employers demand of them, particularly in specific, skills-based jobs. We see VR and MR as a solution to this problem as we can harness this advanced technology to deliver high impact, low cost, customised learning that teaches the skills most in demand.”

Hadawi added: “The Leighton Buzzard Centre offers the perfect backdrop for this evening of education and innovation.  The centre itself is focused on using higher technologies to empower our students with new skills that meet the local and regional demand for vocational skills in the technology sector. Using virtual and mixed reality to educate students is in perfect alignment with this and will also encourage students to go into these immersive technology fields as careers.”

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