Clock Tower: More than a game

Clock Tower: More than a game

April 10, 2018

By Devi Kolli, CEO, AiSolve

As you would imagine, as head of a cutting-edge VR company there is rarely a dull moment.

But here in Dubai, our second day at DEAL 2018, it’s a really extraordinary moment for AiSolve as we have launched new games on new platforms that really mark our WePlayVR system as something truly special, and game changing.

We debuted our third VR arcade game title, Clock Tower, created exclusively for WePlayVR and our most immersive game yet. It’s set inside a complex universe of a mysterious clockwork factory, filled with great riches and untold secrets. An interactive puzzle piece, it offers players a chance to complete a selection of tasks before the gears start shifting and trapping them inside. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself:



Completely immersed into the world of the Clock Tower, players are taken to different levels within the realm, guided by a step-by-step navigation system that provides support in helping the player to complete each task before time runs out.

But what is doubly exciting is that to coincide with the launch of Clock Tower, AiSolve is introducing our new 4×4 multiplayer WePlayVR arena. Offering a new design with added space, creating a powerful punch for its size, the new pod is equipped with 4 motion seats which allows up to 4 players outside and inside the pod at any time, bringing the capacity up to 8 players. Additionally, a new leader board has been introduced, building on the excitement and interactive new features of WePlayVR. Players will be able to monitor their position and see how well their opponents are doing.

Enhancing the experience further, the 3×3 single player has had a makeover, the single player platform can now host up to 2 players at a time with two motion seats and an added leader board.

Our second game title, Alien Invasion is compatible with both versions of the new gaming arena and provides venues with more opportunity and interactive options to enjoy.

Dubai is the global unveiling for both the game and the new WePlayVR platforms and we’ll then be bringing them back to the UK for the European launch.

For gamers it means more players can immerse themselves in more compelling games, creating not only thrilling and addictive game-play but producing fantastic ROI for operators.

I believe we’re changing the game here at AiSolve. But don’t just take my word for it, come and visit us at DEAL 2018 in Dubai or in London when we return.

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