April 20, 2017

Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer highlighted AiSolve’s VR training project for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles during his keynote speech on the second day of F8 in the San Francisco Bay Area on 18 April.

F8 is where developers and businesses connect with Facebook to explore the future of emerging technology and its name comes from Facebook’s tradition of eight-hour hackathons. This year Schroepfer showcased the  VR training project developed by our team of VR simulation experts along with Facebook subsidiary Oculus Rift and medical training specialist Bioflight.

The project began in early 2016 and went through two prototyping developments in the same year. A fully working model was delivered to the doctors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in early 2017 and the development and medical teams will continue to monitor and enhance the virtual world as more users learn with it. This ground-breaking project helps to train physicians to deal with the stresses and rigours of working in an emergency room.

Rather than use mannequins – the traditional method for such training – students can now don VR headsets and experience emergency care scenarios in a virtual environment that looks and feels like a real-life situation.

AiSolve CEO Devi Kolli says that the virtual training developed has multiple applications across industry sectors and that the aim of the project for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was to work with medical experts to ensure technical and environmental accuracy.

Kolli adds: “The aim of this is to prepare medial staff with the most realistic environment possible so that they experience the fast-moving, life-and-death, decision-making process multiple times and create strategies to make fast and accurate decisions for when children’s lives are in the balance. We, Oculus and Bioflight feel we have worked together to create the most realistic and immersive educational tool for emergency units that’s ever been developed.”

We would like to thank the project sponsors at Facebook, subject experts and healthcare training pioneers, Dr Todd Chang and Dr Joshua Sherman from CHLA, Rik Shorten and Randy Osborn from Bioflight, and Shauna Heller for supportive collaboration.

To watch the F8 conference: https://www.facebook.com/FacebookforDevelopers/videos/10154616829398553/?pnref=story

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